Pole Effect

Pole dance classes in Worcester, Redditch, Kidderminster, Droitwich and The West Midlands 

We are open! Start your Aerial Journey now!                

Pole Dancing classes reopening in Redditch from Sept 2020

New Aerial Yoga lessons in Worcester

Pole Dancing Classes

Learn how to pole dance with lessons from basic (Bronze) all the way up to Advanced (Diamond Plus).

Aerial Yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga is a hybrid of yoga, aerial arts and acrobatics to help you gain balance, flexibility and strength.

Aerial Hoop Classes

Learn how to execute aerial tricks & dance with Aerial Hoop and improve your your upper body strength, balance, and flexibility.

Learn to dance

We are strong believers that there needs to be a motivation for everyone and by having a choreography, our dancers will always feel like they are working towards something.

No previous dance or fitness experience is required.

Routines are created at each level, from beginners to advanced, in order to help you practice each move learnt without realising.

We often organise showcases that give everyone involved the opportunity to perform in front of their friends and families and make them see and understand our passion.

Our instructors are qualified in